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Terms of Service

Spaceport Terms of Service

The Concept
Spaceport is a group of friends. As such, we expect everyone to treat other with respect. We recognize that even best friends sometimes get upset with each other, especially when discussing politics or religion. Please try to refrain from getting so upset that it offends others. Remember to apologize occasionally, and step back when you need to cool off.

Since Terms of Service never cover all possible situations, we do not intend this document to be all-inclusive. Prior experience suggests the rules listed below, and we may add some more later as new circumstances arise. When we need new rules, we will notify members to give them a chance to comply before we take any adverse action.

If your charge will be controversial, provide a source for your information. Some accusations are extreme and require Time Magazine Cover story level proof before we allow them to stand. Some examples would be charges of treason or murder.

Harassment and Flaming
Spaceport allows no personal attacks of flaming, spamming, trolling, or advertising. Additionally our discussion forum community is not the place for you to push your religious or political agenda vigorously, so we ask you contribute to other topics as well. Even so, despite our best intentions, sometimes what we say hurts others, so you should grow a thick skin to post at TheSpaceport.

Politics and Religion
Keep politics and religion in The Firing Range. This includes signature lines since they appear in all forums. If you see a subject outside the Firing Range that you wish to turn political, make a note in the original thread, and start a new politicized version inside the Firing Range. If you do not know how to keep a political signature line inside the Firing Range, do not use one.

Adult Content
Keep the adult content in the Guita's Cave forum. Even then, you should avoid hardcore images, links, and signature lines. Other forums welcome this information; we do not.

Banning and Suspension
We normally reserve banning, a more permanent restricting, suspending, or ending access to any part of these forums, for members who repeatedly disrupt our quality of life. Based on prior experience with a poster, we may chose to ban as a first response.

Suspension is a temporary cooling off ban. Suspended users may view Spaceport messages but will not post to them. Posting while suspended will result in banning.

Intentional Rules Violations
We might immediately ban someone who intentionally violates these rules. We might also take a less severe course of action.

Standing Rules at TheSpaceport.us:

  1. Do not make personal attacks. We encourage healthy debate but if you cannot make your point without attacking a poster on a personal level then do not engage in the conversation. Attack the issues at hand, not the person posting
  2. Everyone has an opinion, not everyone shares all opinions. It is possible for you to disagree with someone's opinion and still have a discussion on a topic and stay friends with that person.
  3. Do not post about other forums/boards/site or members from those sites on TheSpaceport.us. Yes, we understand that people are registered on more than one board and we think that is great. But we do not want issues from other boards being brought up here. Even if you have something positive to say about someone at another board do not post it here. We have no way of knowing what the original post was and cannot verify it. In addition if the person you are talking about is not registered here we do not know how they would feel about having their words posted without their express permission. So to avoid these issues we ask that you do not post about other boards. You can refer to other boards without getting specifc, for instance mentioning the name of another board but do not get specific with topics or people or what was said by anyone other than yourself.